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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

B.E.G's Answers (half of them)

G perspective-

Getting married? I am a private person so unless something amazing happens (dating wise) I usually don't talk about it....Now to the question. I was engaged to a man that I'd been in an 8 year relationship with (mistake #1). After 8 months of being engaged I realized that he was not the person for me, nor was I for him. Over the years we grew into each other but were never truly compatible. He was 12 years older than me and we had different life goals, different expectation of marriage, different backgrounds and several other issues that made marriage a bad choice so I ended it. I do hope to find that special person someday but the clock hasn't started ticking (yet). As I've gotten older my expectations for a mate have drastically changed and to be honest most of the people I've dated thus far have fallen short. I'm happy being single and I don't want to go from happy to miserable just to say that I have a husband.

1) How'd we meet? I met chops in a Jr. High math class, I met Ja-me a year later.

2) Who is closest? We have gone through fazes when we were closer to one person or another. Sometimes it does cause stress but there is never an odd one out because there are actually four of us (the fourth person does not blog with us). We all have completely different
personalities so I guess we deal with whoever matches our mood at the time.

3) Separate friends? We all have separate groups of friends and most of them get along...except Ja-me's friends, they make Chops and I a little nervous.

Brutha Code-

1) First Kiss? One word, "Terrible!" I was 15 and I met this guy at an event called Festival at the Lake in Oakland (that has since been cancelled due to folks acting ignorant). Anyway he came over one day when I was home alone to " hang out" for a few hours. I spent most of the day avoiding him because I knew that I would have to kiss him at some point and was scared shitless. When I finally convinced him to leave he grabbed me and tried to kiss me. Before I knew what was happening his nasty little tongue was darting around my lips like a snake trying to get into a hole. I pulled away and pretended that I had to use the bathroom. When I came out he tells me "You are a terrible kisser! That is the worst I've ever had." He left a few minutes later......I think I've improved since then.

2) Favorite Pre 80's song? It's a toss up, Voyage to Atlantis (Isley Brothers...I think that came out before 1980) or You Are My Starship (Norman Connors)

3) Trips? Last place: Vegas ( doesn't really count as a trip) Next place: Trip from Monte Carlo to Athens.


1) Biggest turn offs in a man?....hmmm, lack of ambition, laziness, low self confidence, excessive body hair.
2) Important Character traits in friends? Reliability and trustworthiness
3) Favorite Desert? Cinnamon Bun from Cinnabon yummy! *drooling*


1) Why aren't you affectionate? Is there a child hood horror story that I don't know about? Child hood horror story....Well I wouldn't call it that. My father was very sick when I was born and was suppose to pass away by the time I was three. He actually lived until I was 20 and for all twenty years I watched him die. I decided that being emotional was a waste of time so I learned to suppress all emotion and be the "strong one" in the family. For me that meant no displays of emotion (hugging included). I have since learned to be affection with males (probably overly affectionate) but not females. I'm not sure why that is but I'm learning to feel my feelings and all that kind of crap.

1) Any regrets? While my life hasn't been all fun and games my experiences make me who I am today so I really don't have any regrets (except the chili cheese fries I just ate......bleeeech!).

2) Where do I see myself in 5 years? Well I guess I should have a fully planned out scripted response to this question but I don't. I think I'm a go with the flow type person. Perhaps I'll be married with a kid, or maybe I'll still be single traveling the world. I guess I'm open...... All I know is that I will be happy with wherever God takes me in life.

3)Favorite restaurant? Another toss up between MECCA and Thanh Long (Not as pretentious as Crustations and the food is better.) Farallon is a close third..can you tell I luv to eat!

Okay, well blogger just deleted half of my post so I'm gonna go smash my computer now. I'll re-answer the rest later.


Singing said...

I am so mad at Blogger for making me open up Word to see the rest of your answers. How booty is that!!!! LOL

Ya'll need to join the rest of us and switch. Blogger sucks. I learned my lesson the hard way.

WIP said...

ITA with "Singing," TypePad offers up to three different weblogs on one subscription (I think the $8.95 per month plan). Not that I'mma TypePad rep or anything. For the longest time I had been reading y'all blog and was all confroosed. But I understand 'bout being conjoined at the hips ... it's so nice and cozy having "true" friends. *Warm-fuzzy feeling just swept me* I know Blogger is for the "Free," but you know we get what we pay fo'.

*End of TypePad representative script* LOL.

kelly said...

Yaaayyyy!!!!!! I am so happy to hear you say you're feeling your feelings!

Ja-me said...

On how we met: come 2 find out BEG use to ride the yellow bus in Jr. high(he he he) and we had a "crush" on the same boy, Michael George...He was HHHOOOOTTTTT....hmmmmm, I wonder what ever happened to him???

Call 2 Arms said...

I think the Bay is the only place that kids don't get picked up on a yellow school bus. I wonder if folks from other regions know what that means?

Not that I buy it.

Lambchop said...

Honestly C2A! Beg really did ride the yellow bus growing up! Ja-me is NOT lying!

Ja-me said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! That is too funny. @ C2A...but not THAT kind of yellow bus..LOL, least she thought.

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