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Sunday, May 22, 2005



What are you real names? What are your addresses? What are your credit card numbers and expiration dates? Okay, It's official you have issues!!! We have one answer for all of your questions....If you tell us yours we'll tell you ours. :-)


1) How did you meet? I met chops in a Jr.High math class. I met Ja-me in a gymnastics class a year later. They will elaborate later.

2) How long have you been friends? Almost *gulp* 16 years.

3) What keeps the friendships going? A lot of insanity, and medication.


1) Why did you try to kill each other in college? Well, after watching a documentary on unusual ways to die I decided to pour water up Chop's noise while she was sleeping to see what would happen. I'm sure she had done something to piss me off but I can't seem to remember what it was. As you can see, she woke up during the process and foiled my plans. Chops will elaborate on the why part....or should I say she will tell you what her warped little brain remembers about it.

2) Were you dorm mates? Yes, during a one month transitional high school to college program we were dorm mates. The experience taught me an invaluable lesson which is, if we value our lives we will never live together again. I also realized that I couldn't stomach living in a room the size of a shoe box. After the program ended I promptly moved off campus into an apartment with someone I later realized was a psychopath. (another bad decision on my part).

3) Was being dorm mates fun? Yep, we had a great time...when we weren't fighting.

4) What's the longest you've gone without speaking? During Ja-me's first year of marriage we rarely heard from her. She was doing the bonding with her husband/ newlywed thing I suppose. She actually called us a few time to tell us not to call because she was having a "special" weekend with her husband and she didn't want to be disturbed. Chops and I went 6 months without speaking after a big fight. I'll let her elaborate on that as well.

5) Where you bridesmaids in Ja-me's wedding? Yep. (pictures to follow)

6) Who will be your maids of honor? If I'm ever blessed enough to find someone I would want to marry I wouldn't have a maid of honor, only bridesmaids (no hurt feeling and everyone could share the responsibilities).

7) Do you like Girlfriends? If so which character are you? When I'm actually off work during the hours the show airs I love it. I would probably be a cross between Lynn and Toni.

Jez Chill

1) What are your SSN's, Bank checking and routing info, and pin numbers? You get the same answer as MNM....Actually,I should give you my checking account number so you can make a few deposits.... Especially since you live outside of Cali now so you should have plenty of money!!

The Saga

Okay...First of all I would like to say great questions! You and MNM are quite entertaining.

1) What could porn actor possibly do for fun during their time off? Well I tried to contact R.Kelly via email but he refused to come out of his closet so I'm not really sure but perhaps you could ask this guy.

2) Why do people who know the least know it the loudest? Hmmm, Once again you got me, but I know someone you could ask.

3) If women ran the Pentagon, would missiles and submarines be shaped differently? I'm not touching that one.....I'll leave it for Ja-me and Chops.


Your welcome!

1) What's your favorite snack? Ohhh, another food question!! Well my favorites snacks are Frosted Mini Wheat cereal and Turkey bacon (sorry, I know you are veggi person) or Asparagus.

2) Which do you prefer: Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, BCBG or another designer in particular? While I love shopping and clothes I'm not really into brand names. If I had to choose from the provided options it would have to be BCBG. I love their clothes and they also have really cute shoes, my favorite thing to shop for!!!

3) What's your shoe size? I wear between a 7 and a 7 1/2 . I will gladly provide my P.O Box for anyone who's interested in sending gifts. :-)

4)How does one afford to live in Cali? I haven't figured it out yet, I'll let you know if I do......Just kidding. I've lived in California all of my life so I'm use to the cost of living. I have accepted that (as a 1 income household/single person) I have to settle for a little less (property wise) if I want to live anywhere near my job. The upside is that I love the ethnic diversity in the Bay Area and would never want to live anywhere that wasn't. I can drive two hours in any direction and find any climate or environment I want (snow, desert, city, country etc...) Also, if I ever decide to move out of state I can buy a good sized home for the same price as a one bedroom condo here.


1) Would you marry a man who does not believe in God, but loves you very much? It is very important to me that the man I marry have a strong relationship with God so the answer is NO, I would not. As old fashioned as this may sound I believe that a women should be submissive towards her husband and for me to take on that role I need to be 100% certain that the choices and decision he (and we) make for our family line up with the principals and morals I believe in. (When I say submissive I don't mean in a whatever you say goes type of way..... I have opinions about everything and I am not the type to hold my tongue and bow down. I simply mean that I would be respectful of his opinions [as he would be of mine] and that ultimately he would get the final say in most situations...Hey I'm trying!) When (and if) I have children I intend to raise them as Christians.....that would be rather hard to do if my husband did not have the same desires. Lastly I believe that most people who have a relationship with God have a good understanding of what love truly is and in turn will love me the way God intended. I could go on but I'm sure Ja-me and Chops will cover the rest.

2) What is your opinion about the movie "The passion of Christ"? It was very hard for me to watch that movie because I don't like to see violence in any form. However, I realize that my salvation is directly tied into the suffering that Jesus had to endure so that I would not be condemned to Hell for eternity. I am usually non-emotional but after watching the movie I felt sad and loved because it clearly shows how much God sacrificed for little ole me.

Thanks for asking!


Lambchop said...

My oh my, arent we growing?? Submissive to the husband? Wow! You used to want a man you could beat with a stick and then make him cook extravagant meals for you daily! LOL!


Ja-me said...

no fair, u took the easy road on lots of questions & put them of on Chops & I

ManNMotion said...

Check your email for the requested info:)

A.H.ROSTAMI said...

I think that BEG answered me very wisely.If she can be true in the real situation, praise to her. I think that Lamb@Ja had good comments also.

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