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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lambchops Answers (PART 1)

Tha G Perspective asked....

  1. Have you ever been married? No, I've never been married (*whew*).
  2. If not what's the closest you've been? The closest was my jack ass circus midget of an ex-boyfriend, "Mr. Circus Midget". He had been hounding me about how he KNEW he wanted to marry me from the day he realized he loved me (a year before we actually started dating) and that he was just waiting for ME. Shortly after I gave in he started acting up. First off he was going to give me the USED ring that his ex-fiance had been given years prior (there were scratches and dulled platinum on the band from almost a years wear and tear). Then he started acting funny like I was trying to trap HIM into marrying ME!! I didn't even bring up marriage first!! He's completely looney tunes (notice this is present tense). To read up about my last woes with the circus freak go HERE-1 and then HERE-2 for the sequel.

  1. How did you all come to know each other? Beg and I met in 8th grade in our math class. She and I had to sit next to each other. I remember sitting there, disliking her at first sight, watching in disgust as she sat there sucking on aspirin (yes... I said concentrated ASPIRIN) like it was a freaking jolly rancher. I realized then that I could never be friends with a freak. My, how things change!
    I met Ja-me sometime in Elementary school. I was in the 6th and she was in the 5th. I don't remember how we met, I just remember her always being in my life. We got closer in Jr. High, then closest in High School. We must've been drawn to each other since we both had messed up home lives!
  2. Are any two of you closer with each other, and has this ever brought about jealousy in the odd one out? I have to lean towards Beg's answer. There's a 4th Songbird who has yet to become part of this blog (maybe soon?) so whenever two are closer the other two happen to also start hanging out more as well. I do recall a time in High School, though. I think it must've been our Jr. year. We all became cheerleaders and I (being the rebel weirdo that I am) decided I didn't want to be apart of that mindless materialistic bunch of "widgets" so I quit (had something to do with the Captain wanting everyone to buy these expensive a$$ plain white shoes, when I'd already bought some very economical plain white shoes. I yelled at her and possibly threatend her. Shortly after this incident I decided I wasn't the "cheerleader" type). So I did end up feeling a bit like the odd one out since they (the other 3) had that in common, but I've always been a drifter and would hang out with tons of different people all the time so it wasn't that bad :-)
  3. Do any of you have separate groups of friends and if so do they get along with this group? Oh yeah! We all have separate groups of friends. For the most part, they all know about each other even if they haven't actually met. The ones that have met have gotten along mainly because we pick and choose the ones we think will have something in common and wont be frightened at how psycho we act when we (the songbirds) get together.
The Brutha Code asked...
  1. What was your first kiss like? I had to chew on this question for a bit. See, I wanted to say my first kiss was in kindergarten but Beg said that it really didn't count (hater). So I'd have to say my first kiss was at 17 years old in the high school Science building with my first official boyfriend (whom I would deny knowing if I saw him in the street). It was a great kiss only because I didn't really have much to compare it to, plus I was soooo in "like" with him and excited to have a boyfriend that I think if he had burped in my mouth I would've thought it was cute...odd, but cute (I'm really exaggerating!!).
  2. Favorite song that came out before 1980? Wow. I have a few. I'm glad you asked - The Knack: My Sharona, The Doobie Brothers: What a fool believes, Chic: Le Freak, KC and the Sunshine Band: That's the Way I Like It, Sister Sledge: We Are Family, Marvin Gaye: What's Going On.......and on and on and on.
  3. Last and next you place you traveled: Last place I traveled to was Encenada (go HERE to see a post on it). Next place? Probably to Hawaii to visit my sister.
  4. Plan to travel to? I plan to go back to France and to visit England. I really would like to go to Puerto Rico (I think we're going there for both Beg & my 30th bday!)

Miki asked...

  1. What turns you off the most in a man? Conceit, Bad Breath, Humorlessness, Materialistic, Circus Midget Freakiness, hands smaller than mine, Circus Midget Complex (aka - short-mans complex), Overly sensitive....did I mention Circus Midget Freakiness???
  2. What character trait is most important to you when choosing a friend? A loving personality who loves to laugh, doesn't let the petty things in life deteriorate a good friendship, accepts me for who I am, doesnt try to manipulate others, and is giving (Ja-me...gimme $20 please).
  3. What is you favorite dessert? Chocolate Cake, Dutch Apple Pie, Chocolate Ice Cream, Svenhards Butter Horns, Daiquiri Ice, Chocolate Cookies, Mrs. Fields Cinnamon & Sugar Cookies, Watchamacallit Candy Bar, Pure Cane Sugar on the rocks straight from the box..... Yes, I know I'll most likely be obese with high blood pressure and diabeties by the age of 35. Beg & Ja-me will have to wheel me to the car and I'll travel everywhere on the hood or maybe on the flat bed of the uhaul. I have no problem with that... STOP JUDGING ME...unless you wouldnt mind helping to hose me down at bath time when I reach 600 pounds and cant lift my own arms!!!! LOL :)
coley asked...
  1. When can I hear you sing? Beg has my cd. Tell her to play it for you. I'll sing for you when I see you again and the opportunity presents itself.
  2. What is your biggest regret so far in life? Hooking up with my ex-Jacka$$ Mr. Circus Midget (still a little jaded)
  3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Oh Lawd! Hell if I know. My life is drastically different than what I'd planned. Every time I make a plan I change my mind once I get what I thought I wanted, or I grow and decide that it's not really what I need. So I guess I really cant say. I see myself as being alive, but even that's not promised!!
  4. What's your Favorite restaurant? Love these food questions!! Lemme see... Benihana (Japanese), Red Lobster, Casa Orozco (Mexican), Buca di beppo (Italian).... to name a few from the top.
So this is the first half of my answers. If you have any additional questions let us know! More later.
Always in love...unless you refuse to help Beg & Ja-me hose me down when I'm 600 pounds in need of a serious washing and you call yourself my FRIEND. Jerk.


ManNMotion said...

1. Hey Chops, cool answers. I'll say it again, you three (four now that we know more) are lucky to have each other.

2. I am so feeling discriminated on with y'all songbirds cutting out before you get to my questions.

B.E.G said...

Plllleassse, spare us!!! You and I both know that the only reason we became friends is because I took pity on you.....The reason I was sucking on Aspirin is because your smell gave me a terrible headache.

Secondly, I'm sure Sulamon AKA Wolverine (I can't remember the other constantly changing names he gave himself) would not be pleased to hear that you denied ever knowing (and loving) him....Don't make me elaborate on the atrocities committed by the two of you on my mothers couch!

Lastly, While I luv you to death I will not be bathing you regardless of how large you get. However, I am more than willing to provide you with a rag on a stick for you washing and scratching pleasures.

I really like your desert list. (he-he)

B.E.G said...

@-MNM- Blame it on Blogger.

Grasshoppah said...

Haha the Circus Midget really made an imression on you huh?

You guys kill me, all of you.

ManNMotion said...

Instead of laying blame, I'm sure we'd all prefer that you elaborate on the atrocities committed on your mother's couch.

Ja-me said...

You left out the fact that you had a jheri curl Chops....No I aint given yo broke azz $20, cuz i need $20 my dayum self & I was gonna ask you 4 it. Plus I love you enuff to hose all 600 pounds of you down..that would be really funnn, hehehehe but er um, naw playa, no washing for me.

And why u hatin on Sulamon (lets jus call him AKA) u know u still lubbbbbb himmmmm :-)

coley said...

Hey Chops... Stop playin!!!! There's no way you would end up being 600 pounds! Your tape worm won't let you gain any weight. You're like a buck o five soaking wet!

Dee said...

LMAO at the 600 pound response....

Dee said...

b.e.g.s comment toooo dam funny!!!

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