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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lambchops Answers PART 2 (FINAL)

ManNMotion asked...
1. What are your real names? My name is Peaches n'herb

2. What are your addresses? 555 Peaches n'herb lane

3. What are your credit card numbers and expiration dates? 54545555 n'Herb

Dee asked...
1: how did you 3 meet? I think this was covered in Part 1 of my answers.

2: how long have you been friends? Oh Lawd! I think Begs right...about 16 years

3: what keeps the friendship going? Once again, Begs right, definitely medication.

Call 2 Arms asked...
1. Have you already told us why you tried to kill each other in college? Hmmm. I remember that we just had this really weird love hate siblings. I remember Beg trying to drown me, and then I remember attempting to push her down a flight of stairs (I caught her before she actually went down though). There wasnt any one thing in particular, just two crazy kids who've known each other waaaaay too long growing up together.

2. Were you dormmates? Yup. In summer bridge. Then when I went off to Basic Training she got an apartment with the psycho. I ended up moving in with them until the whole attempting to kill each other deal started up again. Then I moved into the dorms.

3. Was being dormmates being fun? When it was fun, it was REALLY fun. When it was bad, it was REALLY bad.

4. What's the longest any of you have fallen out and/or not spoken to each other? See Beg's answer cause I cant even remember. I do know that the longest time that Beg and I didnt talk was due to our deciding (okay, me deciding) that we shouldnt sing together anymore.

5. Were you bridesmaids in Ja-me's wedding? Yup! Of course!!

6. Who will be each of your maid's of honor? I dont think I'll have a maid of honor, but if I did I'd have to be my dear friend Moe (whom I've known about 17 years). I honestly couldnt choose between Beg, Jame and Kris (the quiet songbird).

7. Do you like girlfriends? I LOVE Girlfriends!

8. If so whose character are you? We all discussed this at great lengths and I think I'd be a cross between Joan and Lynn (80% Joan and 20% Lynn). Like Lynn I jump around from hobby to hobby and I'll probably only be there for a minute, then I'll move on to the next. In all other ways I favor Joan (her neurotic behavior, boyfriend drama's, etc)

Jez Chill asked...
1> What is your SSN? 555n'herb

2> What is your bank's routing # & checking account #? 555n'herb & 555peaches

3> What is your pin #? PNH (numerical values)

The Saga asked...
1) What could porn actors possibly do for fun during their time off? Vacation in a monastery (LOL!!)

2) Why do people who know the least know it the loudest? To illustrate what bad breading can produce.

3) If women ran the Pentagon, would missiles and submarines be shaped differently? Too easy. Women would've invented a whole new bread of war artillery. Most likely invisible with a powerful punch.

Proactiff asked...
1. What's your favorite snack? Svenhards Butterhorns!!

2. Which do you prefer: Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, BCBG or another designer in particular? I'm not really into brands, hell, I'm not really into clothes in general (until late) but I guess since I've actually bought clothes from Banana Republic, I'd have to say that would be it.

3. What are your shoe sizes? 9 1/2 (yes, I'm the black Olive Oyle)

4. TIA.Bonus Question: How in the world does one AFFORD to live in California if not on a movie star's "Black Card" budget? I'm still trying to figure this one out - see Begs answer. I have a question for you (which may be a stupid one), what does TIA mean???

A.H.ROSTAMI asked...
1. Do marry a man who does'nt believe in God at all, but he loves you very much? My answer mirrors Begs answer exactly.

2. What is your opinion about the movie "the passion of Christ" - I thought it was amazing. In my opinion it stayed to the point, that Jesus Christ bore the weight of our sins/transgressions for the sake of our salvation. I thought it was tasteful and I was crying like a baby by the end. Like Beg said, I felt so loved and so unworthy. The movie visually showed me what I've read in the Bible and brought a whole new perspective evoked so much emotion.

Thanks for the questions! I'm glad it's over though, cause I've got stuff going on that I wouldnt mind blogging about right about now.

Always in love...and that's it!



Ja-me said...

I am sooo glad that you have faced the fact the you are the REAL black Olive Oyle :-)

Khristi Lauren said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! You all write a book. I promose i'll buy it. You are hilarious.

ManNMotion said...

It's becoming clear that something very strange is going on with BEGs obsession with big feet...

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