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Friday, October 07, 2005

The Birthday Monkey

It's 12:38am and I am still at work....bleh!!!!!!

......365 more days till 30 (and Puerto Rico!)

(No special reason for the picture, I just like it.)


princessdominique said...

Beg--Puerto Rico sounds fun! Enjoy yourself sweetie!

ManNMotion said...

Is that the 5th songbird?

LivingSingle said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Call 2 Arms said...

Happey B-Day, when's the party

kashata said...


A.H.ROSTAMI said...

NOTE: The beautiful monkey is a selection of Miss BEG.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BEG. And have a good time after hard work.

VAR said...

Happy Belated Birthday Beg!! Hope it was fabulous for ya!!
Anthony *

nosthegametoo said...

Happy Birthday! How about a song for the fans...the old ones and new ones?

Melliferous Pants said...

I love monkeys!!

I'm 136 days away from 30, but who's counting, right?

Happy belated birthday BEG! I hope 29 was good to you, it was by far my favorite birthday so far.

B.E.G said...

Princessdominique- Thanks,I am so excited!!

MNM- You're asking for it.

Livingsingle & Kashasta- Thanks!

C2A- It was on 10/7...I sent you an evite but I figured you were down south...wish you could have been there.

AH- Thanks! I like monkeys.

Var- Yep I had a great time, THX!!!!

nosthegametoo- What song would you like? Love the picture!!

Pants- Yep 29 was my best birthday (party) so far. Thanks for the birthday wishes....Chops really likes monkeys too.

Jez Chill said...

Why the fascination with monkeys?

courtneyelizabeth said...


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