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Friday, July 13, 2012

Late-aholic Relapse/ I Take it Back / Catch-a-Date?

It's been waayyyy too long!

What got me on fire to start blogging again was when Ja-me told me she was reading the SB Blog Book that BEG had paid to be put together from our old posts. She asked me a question about where my head was at back then and I had to look in my written journal from 2004 to figure it out. That got me to reading our blog and longing for that sense of community we had back in 2004-2005.

I miss TheSaga, Bruthacode, Will, Curvy, C2A, ManNMotion, Melliferous, Coley, Dee, Shawn, Butta, Hustleman, Rainmayun, WIP, JezChill....and so many more!! the laughs and deep experiences we shared have a way of knitting people together. After reading over a few of the old posts and our blog family comments, I started longing to start this all up again! Although a majority of our blogger pals are long hope is to make some new pals...maybe somehow reconnect with a few of the old. I also love being able to look back and laugh at the past events, see how we've grown, and just how truly insane we all!

I have so much to catch up on!!! Where to start...where to start?? Okay, I'll just jump into today, and backtrack as time permits.

Late-aholic Relapse
This morning I woke up at about 9am, though my plan was to get up at 7am so that I could wash my hair and be on time for work for once this week. See, after a few days it's about the size of a small planet and my fear is that if I let it get much bigger, one of my enemies (killer house spiders) will attempt to nest in it for a better vantage point, and kill me from within.

Since I had to be at work by 11am, one would assume that I would forgo the hair washing until the evening...but something in me always says, "I can make it all work! I can do it all". I've been able to suppress this little voice for a good while now, but I've noticed over the last few weeks that I've begun to have a Lateness relapse. Needless to say, I decided to move forward with the hair washing and didn't get to work until about 12pm!! I really have to get a handle on this whole lateness's a disease.

I take it back
So when I checked my facebook today (which I rarely do anymore), I noticed that I had a message from this guy, "B", from church. A little back-info: about two months ago he stopped me in church and told me he knew someone who wanted to meet me, and that he would contact me about it later. First I walked away thinking he meant about music, since we had spoken about that earlier, but then I started to get the feeling he meant "romantically", and I was curious. Not curious enough to contact him about it, just curious to know which it or romantic?

Fast forward to today. I looked at my FB messages and saw one from him. This is what it said: "Hey there, lady. My friend who wanted to meet you backed out. Haha.[....] See you at church."

Ummmm....WTFlip?? So, let me see if I understand this correctly. You hit me up 2 months later to tell me that your friend changed his mind about meeting me??? Maybe I'm being a little sensitive about it, but to me, his message is totally unnecessary. That's like saying to a person in passing that you only barely know, "Yo, my friend thinks you're pretty!" Then coming to them months later and saying, "upon further examination of your face, my friend wanted me to tell you "I take it back". Sadly, you are not as pretty as he had originally thought. My bad. Have a nice day!!" LOL!

I mean, I could see if I ASKED him about his friend within the last 2 months! But no...not at all. I actually forgot all about it. I just feel that he should have just let that ship continue on out to sea undisturbed. Maybe I'm reading too much into this?

So (why do I always start sentences this way? lol!), dating has been non-existent these past months, mainly due to my work, school, and music schedule. I'm starting to forget what a date is! So I'm planning on taking extreme measures! How extreme, I'm not sure just yet, but I'm kicking around some suggestions I received from friends.

1) Hanging out at lounges and basket ball games.
Pros: Fun environment! Apparently there's an urban legend that sporting events are like a daters buffet.

Cons: First of all I'll need someone to translate...second of all, aren't women who go to sports events for dates viewed as prowlers? IDK about this one. I would like to go to a game for kicks tho!

2) Plenty of fish online dating site
Pros: It's free!

Cons: You get what you pay for. Plus I hear rumors that this site is specifically hot for guys who JWF (aka...just wanna get down with the dirty get down). One of my girls went on here and though this is how she met her current beau, she had to go thru a handful all who...and I kid you not....had NO JOB, NO MONEY, NO HOME, NO DESIRE TO BATHE. No friggin way.

Pros: The people on here are paying to be....I'd assume they aren't just out for a cheap would think. Also, I hear they have actual Match Meet up's now where you go and mingle with other peeps on the site in your area...great way to find out if someone's got the crazy eye before passing on personal info via the internet!

Cons: I really have a problem with the idea of being recognized in the street or at a gig by someone online. This already happened once! See I HAVE been online before, but as a lookee-loo, I never went out with anyone. But once I went with my cousin to her best friend, D's, bday party. D's ex-bf was there. I never said anything other than, "Hi, nice to meet you." Somehow he came across me online and started sending me requests to hang out near my house! He said something like, "Since we're both lonely lets go walk around the lake and get coffee...etc TOMORROW at 8." Ummmm....WTFlip?

I responded that I was sorry, but I was NOT interested. I know you're probably thinking, "why not, you want a date, don't you??!!!" Well let's very well may have been the uni-bomber vibe he was giving off.

Plus, there's a difference between being single and being desperate. Sometimes you just want to get out and meet a Single, you may get a lil lonely from time to time, but I think that's normal for everyone...including married folk. Being single does NOT mean DESPERATE!!

All that being said, I'm considering doing the Match thing since BEG said she would do it with me. My plan is to blog the hell out of this experience so that I can say, "I did it for posterity...I did it for the blog!" LOL! But if I come up missing.................................


Always in love....It's my first day back! Whoohoo!!!


B.E.G said...

1 Thank you for cleaning up the place and writing the first blog.

#2 I just realized how out of the loop I am in regards to your life. Why is this the first I'm hearing about B? Hysterical nonetheless…

#3 I agreed to go the Match meet up thingy with you as company. I can not guarantee that I will be friendly or even civil....just a warning.

#4 Umm where are your updates???

Chops said...

1.) You're welcome!

2.)Yes, you're a horrible friend...but then again, we already knew that ;-)

3.) I'm sure you'll meet a guy who's down with your dominatrix style. Matter of fact, II think I have a number for you.....

4.) Dude, you're seriously asking for more updates and you havent even completed a single post yet?? Really??? Wasn't this return to bogland your idea?

Steve Finnell said...

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Niklas said...

Haha no way. I just saw your comment from...july was it? I'm not involved in the whole blogging thing anymore so comments reach me every 6 months or so when I check that old email account.

Anyway, good to see you all again even if it was 6 months ago.


Steve Finnell said...


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